• B&W and Color Digital Printing

Digital printing is one of our specialties.
We have the capabilities to produce big copy jobs very quickly. Our commercial-quality, high-speed copy equipment provides high-quality images at a surprisingly low cost!... When you need fast, inexpensive copies of higher quality than you can get on your office copy machines, give us a call. We're ready to help!
The demand for full-color printing is exploding, and why not? Studies have repeatedly shown that full-color printed materials are more "influential" and promote higher response rates than two-color or black-and-white materials. This holds true whether those print pieces are used for sales, marketing, or educational purposes. Adding color will cost more, but it serves a useful purpose. If you're considering moving up to full-color printing, give us a call. We're experts at color printing and look forward to putting our knowledge to work for you.

  • Comb Binding

Comb binding is one of the many ways to secure pages together into a book. This method utilizes round plastic spines, variety of rings, and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes... Comb binding is sometimes referred to as plastic-comb binding or spiral-comb binding, too. Our printing firm has a large variety of different-sized comb bindings, ranging from 3/16 of an inch (for 10 sheets of 20# paper) up to 2 inches (for 400 sheets of 20 pound paper).

  • Laminating

Simply put, laminating prolongs the life of your printed projects. How?...

-Increases durability
-Preserves colors
-Enables your projects to withstand moisture
-And protects your projects from fingerprints, abrasions, and smudges.

In addition to the many ways it preserves your projects, laminating also has the power to revolutionize your presentations by allowing for hassle-free display of your documents under a variety of conditions. Plus, the glossy finish gives your projects a professional look that you can be proud of.Our Laminating services gives your project/documents extra special as we uses our best quality Comix Laminating pouch, let us laminate your printed projects for you!

  • Graphics Design

Our well trained graphic designers are computer artists specializing Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator who know how to use their creative abilities to improve the look of your printed projects.....
Creative use of color, typography, photos, and illustration can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your project. Good design can help create a favorable impression that makes your company and its products stand out in the crowd.
Our designers are skilled at creating attention-getting brochures, sell sheets, booklets, manuals, and newsletters. They also specialize in the creation of business forms and all types of workplace documents.

  • Business Cards

It all begins with a business card. Leave a lasting impression with a high quality, full color, and customized business card from us.

  • Calendars

Beautiful, high-quality, and functional calendars that not only provide you with dates and time but add exquisite taste to any area.

  • Flyers

Whether you are promoting a business or announcing an event, flyers are a highly effective and efficient way to reach people.