Have A Colorful Summer with MARKERS


Everyone’s got plans for the summer! Are you going to travel to exciting new places, updating your journal along the way? Maybe, you’ll take the time to get your creative juices flowing through lettering or doodling. Or perhaps you’ve got summer classes to prepare for.


Whatever activities you have lined up, you can have a colorful summer with STABILO’s exciting range of pens, colored pencils, and highlighters! Let’s check some of them out right now:  

Comix Economy Ball Pen

It’s always good to have a black pen on hand, but who says their casing has to be black/blue too? The economy pens write in black but come in six pastel casings, perfect for trendy students and professionals.


Retractable Gel Pen

Whether you want to structure your texts in color, underline, take notes, or sketch, this pen’s range of 47 brilliant colors – including 6 neon shades – have got you covered. A 0.5mm line width and excellent quality makes this a product you can rely on and enjoy using every day.

Comix Colored Pencils

With 72 vibrant colors made of high quality pigments, these colored pencils are every artist’s dream! Their round shape ensures a more comfortable grip with finer control, while the softer lead delivers better color intensity.


Comix HP908 Highlighters

Once you’re done writing in your planner or journal, it’s always a good idea to add touches of color here and there. Do it with these super chic pastel highlighters! Keep the regular Comix HP908 at your desk, and bring the mini highlighters with you where ever you might go!